Popular Characters Independent Female Escorts Like To Play- Featured

An independent escort or a companion as others call them is a profession just like any other. An escort is paid for companionship, dinner, drinks or sometimes for sex. However, there are people who will expect their escorts to play a certain role for them that entice them.  These actions are also known as sexual task play. A sexual task play involves powerful erotic elements. It might include more than one person acting out roles with sexual fantasy. This works as foreplay or its basically meant to arouse people sexually. Independent female escorts are experts in this. Below are some of the examples:


In this kind of a scenario, the partakers play roles of nurse, doctor or patient. This is well known as medical fetishism. The participants will even wear the right uniforms for the various roles they are playing. Most of the time, the independent escort girl play as the patient and the client becomes the doctor or the nurse. The female escort is expected to be receiving commands from the client.

Popular Characters Independent Female Escorts Like To Play-Nurse

Executive Fetishism

In this kind of scenario, one partner will take the position of an executive business person and the partner becomes the secretary. Many men love this idea of a boss and his secretary. At times, the man might choose to play the role of a secretary but only when he is ready to be submissive. In this role, the dress code is mostly nylon stockings. If you want real fun, you should try this with female escorts in Mumbai.

Popular Characters Independent Female Escorts Like To Play-Professional

Age play

This is where the client treats their female escorts like they belong to different age groups or vice versa. This practice sometimes is regressive, where the main aim is to re-experience infancy. Sometimes they do this to rebuild a sexual affiliation with persons of the makeup and/or right ages. Most of independent escorts are young girls; therefore they act out this role perfectly.  Mostly, this involves characters pretending to be youthful than they really are. Rarely do they assume older ages.

Popular Characters Independent Female Escorts Like To Play-Professional

Prison fetish

This is a situational play that is set in prison environment. Since real life jails are communities of same gender, the prison fetish therefore is borrowed by woman on woman or a man on man settings.  However, opposite sex play can also be possible where an inmate and a guard are involved. Sometimes the setting comprises a co-ed institution/facility. This is where you perfectly incorporate your female escort in Andheri and ensure you both enjoy every part of it. This play can also be taken as an extension of another play known as the uniform fetish. This is where staff, inmates or guard’s uniforms are used. Female escorts have stood out to be among the best worldwide. This is because they are well equipped with the right skills to keep their clients entertained throughout the way.

Popular Characters Independent Female Escorts Like To Play-Prison

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